VBOT S30C Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair and Hard Floor

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VBOT S30C Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair and Hard Floor Description

Introduction to This Product:VBOT S30C is an entry level robotic vacuum cleaner designed for pet owners and small households. It is a price-competitive choice to do the hard floor vacuum job.It is an easy-to-use robotic vacuum cleaner, just get it charged then put it at work and then empty the dust box.Specifications:*Color: Black*Suction Type: Vertical Direct Suction(Brushless)*Working Mode: Self Adjust to Auto Mode, Spot Mode and Edge Mode*Filter: High Efficiency Hepa Filter*Input Voltage and Frequency: 100-240V AC50/60HZ*Noise Level: Approx. 55*Charging Time: 5 Hours*Working Time Per Charge: 1 Hour*Battery Capacity: 800mAH*Dust Box Capacity: 300mLPackage Content:1x Main Unit, 2x Side Brushes, 1x Battery12 Month WarrantyUsing Tips:1.Please make sure the battery is properly installed,meaning that the electrodes shall be connected.2.Please charge the unit for more than 12 hours for the first THREE USES, otherwise the battery can rut out quickly and battery life will be short.3.The unit must be charged when it is powered on, the green light will flash if the unit is being charged successfully. Please charge for no less than 4-5 hours and the machine will work for 1 hour as promised.4.Spinning in circle is a working pattern of this machine, please do not worry if you see it spinning in circles. However, if the unit keeps spinning in circle and won’t stop, there must be some problem with the wheels. Then please check Trouble Shooting Page in the manual.5.If you see “A full dust trap” yet the the dust trap is not full, please clean the suction port at the bottom of the machine.6.No cords on the floor so that the machine will not get stuck and waste electricity.7.This is a basic robot vacuum which moves randomly to clean and does not learn.

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